Search Strategy

Our goal in beginning every assignment is to provide service that is unmatched in our industry. We employ a disciplined process that consists of the following six steps:

  1. Preparation And Planning

    We initiate each search with an in-depth meeting with our client and prepare a detailed Position Specification based on conversations and meetings with key members of the interview team. The Position Specification includes:
    • Descriptions of the company, environment and organization
    • Position responsibilities
    • Experience and qualifications required
    • Other information relevant to the opportunity presented
    Once approved, this document is used in communications with both sources and prospective candidates. It is our experience that the ultimate success of the search is greatly influenced by the amount of time and effort expended in the preparation and planning stage.

  2. Over 40 years of personalized service
  3. Research And Candidate Identification

    Based upon extensive contacts, a confidential computer database, the Internet and other resources, we create a list of target companies that leads to sources and potential candidates. We partner with our client to select and develop those candidates who appear to be the most relevant.

  4. Candidate Evaluation And Recommendation

    Once potential candidates are identified, we conduct detailed personal interviews or videoconferences to evaluate their overall qualifications including core competencies (intellectual, interpersonal and motivational), career performance records, fit with client’s corporate culture and level of interest in the opportunity.

    We then, with written documentation, recommend a short list of final candidates to be interviewed by our client.

  5. Interview/References

    We assist, as needed, in arranging preliminary meetings and interviews. Additionally, we conduct in-depth reference checks on final candidates and provide detailed written summaries of this information.

  6. Negotiation/Decision-Making

    During this phase, we provide an active link between the selected candidate and the client. If desired, we help in preparing an appropriate offer, making recommendations regarding compensation, relocation assistance and other benefits. We also provide whatever other assistance is necessary; we pride ourselves on our ability to help close the deal.

  7. Follow Up

    We stay in contact with both the client and successful candidate to assist in any way possible during the transition period.